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How to Use This Guide

This guide is intended to give Professor Orme's International Relations (POL 111) students  special assistance in researching international relations, politics and government topics as well as a starting point for their research.

We recommend utilizing appropriate books (available in the library) and articles (searchable through GALILEO) to find information on international relations or politics and government topics. To start the research process: 

  1. If you do not know much about the country / government which you are researching, start with out "Find Backround Information" tab.

  2. Next, to start the research process, think about your specific topic and what keywords you need to search. Before beginning to search the catalog and article databases, make a list of keywords to use in your searches. For each keyword, think of several synonyms to also search (for example, Japan economic policies, Japan economic relations, Japan economic conditions). Try using the keywords and synonyms in different searches to maximize the number of results you receive.

  3. Go to the "Find Books" tab above for a link to our Catalog, and also suggested Subject Headings, which are very helpful.

  4. Using your keywords, search at least 3 or 4 recommended article databases with your keywords and synonyms. See the "Find Articles" tab above for links to databases. Limit your searches by date if you need recent articles.

If at any point you need assistance, stop by the Library or email us.



If you have any suggestions you would like to be included on this guide, or if you would like additional research assistance, please email the librarian (