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Library Facts


2012-2013   Library Holdings       153,299

2012-2013   Library Browsing         50,707

2012-2013   Registered Patrons    2,208

2012-2013   GALILEO Searches     880,604

2013-2014    Library Holdings     153,844

2013-2014   Library Browsing       50,880

2013-2014   Registered Patrons     2,891

2013-2014  GALILEO Searches    179,313

2014-2015  Digital Collection hits  12,649

2014-2015   LibGuide hits          14,839   

2015-2016   Items held                159,838

2015-2016   Registered Patrons    3,006


Unique Holdings

Facsimile Edition of the Book of Kells

Facsimile Edition of Codex Leicester Hammer

Oglethorpe Archives

Oglethorpe Digital Initiatives

OU Journal of Undergraduate Research 



Library Mission

The mission of the library is to enhance, strengthen, and champion academic research within the Oglethorpe University community. By imparting lifelong learning skills, providing authenticated knowledge resources, and engaging users, the library prepares stakeholders to manage the resource base of a 21st century global environment.

Library Annual Reports and Statistical Profiles


Selected Information from the Annual Reports of the Philip Weltner Library



 Photo by Tom Namey

Statistical Profile Report

Did You Know?

The Philip Weltner Library was expanded in 1991.

Lowry Hall, which houses the library, was used as a dormitory and a medical school.

The portraits of Lord and Lady Oglethorpe were the gift of Mrs. J. M. High who started the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

The building was copied after Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

The Library was named in honor of Philip Weltner, past president of Oglethorpe University.