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Online Tutorials - Help with GALILEO and Conducting Research: Database Search Methods Tutorials

What Is a Database?

Article databases provide access to information about magazines, trade publications, and scholarly journals. Sometimes an article database only provides bibliographic (citation) information, while at other times one can access the full-text version of the article.

Aside from articles, databases may offer images, book chapters and reviews, and digitized materials. Examples of databases include Academic Search Complete, PsycINFO, and MLA International Bibliography.

GALILEO stands for Georgia Library Learning Online. GALILEO is essentially a portal through which you can access more than one hundred article databases.

Start Searching!

Tutorials to Help with Database Search Methods

 Some of these tutorials may require sound.

Using Boolean Operators - And, Or, Not

  • This Boolean searching tutorial gives you information on using And, Or, Not in database searches. Boolean Operators can help you expand your search and receive more results, or they can narrow your results. This tutorial is published by Colorado State University Libraries. 

Advanced Boolean Operators

  • This tutorial will further your knowledge of using Boolean Operators (And, Or, Not) to refine your searches within databases. Produced by Colorado State University Libraries.

Truncation Searching

  • Do you feel like you are not getting enough results in your database searching? You may need to try using truncation in your searching. This tutorial is produced by the Colorado State University Libraries.