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Statistics, Datasets, and Government Information: Government / Country Information

U.S. and international population and country data, as well as statistics on disease and health, energy use, labor and work force, and also public opinion polls.

Use Our Journal Finder

Our Journal Finder, available on our homepage, is a great place to find country studies. To begin your search:

  1. Go to our Journal Finder.

  2. Search for the name of the country in the search box. 

  3. A result list, featuring titles of country studies or reviews, will be displayed. Underneath each title the database in which the country study is found will be displayed. Click on a country study of interest.

  4. This will open the database screen, where you can see a little information about the publication, as well as issues listed.

  5. Click on the issue number that you would like to look at for full-text access.

Government and Country Information