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Using the Journal Finder: Using the Journal Finder

How to locate journal articles if you have a citation.

What Is a Citation?

A citation is a brief description of a resource that includes the information necessary to identify and locate the resource. For journal articles, this information usually includes the article title, journal title, author, publication date, volume, and page numbers.

You may come across only a citation when using resources such as Google Scholar or another author's bibliography (a list of citations they consulted for their work).

If We Do Not Have a Journal

If the journal is not listed in the Journal finder, the Library does not have the journal.

See Interlibrary Services to learn about your options to visit another library or have the article sent here. Articles that are available within Georgia generally take 3-5 business days! 

If you need any help, please Ask a Librarian.

The Journal Finder Interface

Using the Journal Finder if You Have a Citation

If you have citation information for the article you are seeking, follow these steps:

1) Use the Oglethorpe University Journal Finder to see if the library has the journal in which the article is located.

2) Use the top search box to search for the Journal Title. (Searching for the article title is a common error. This will not work here because you are searching a list of journals, not articles.)

3) Check the results against your citation. If the journal is listed, check that the library has access to the issue you need:

  • Online Journals
    Journals that are available electronically have the dates of coverage listed next to the database link(s). Choose a database that matches the date of your citation. Once you are in the appropriate database, you may need to search for your article using elements from your citation (article title, author, etc.).

    Note: Some links into these databases may not work if you are off-campus. If you are asked for a username and password, note the name of the database. Then, enter the database from the GALILEO homepage so that you can login as an Oglethorpe user.

  • Print or Microfilm Journals
    If the results include a link to "Philip Weltner Library Print/Microfilm Holdings," the library owns some issues of the journal in print or microfilm. The link takes you into the journal holdings record in the library catalog.