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This guide is a starting point for finding books, articles, images and more in your research in Biology.


Welcome to the Biology Research Guide! This is a starting point for help with projects in biology.

Beginning Your Project

The Research Process

  1. Formulate your question -- list key words to use in your searches.
  2. Find background information (see Selected Reference Titles above).
  3. Refine your search topic.
  4. Consider your resource options -- what type of materials do you need to answer your questions? Books, magazines, primary sources, etc?
  5. Select and use the appropriate research tool (such as books or article databases in GALILEO).
  6. Locate your materials.
  7. Analyze your materials.
  8. Organize and write your paper.
  9. Compose your bibliography and cite your work properly.

For more detailed help with the research process, see USG's Starting Your Search.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with your research, email the librarian, call the library, or stop by the library for a reference appointment!

Feather Duster Worm

Image of a feather duster worm by Ed Bierman, used under the Wikimedia Creative Commons Attribution License.