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STEM Education and Resources : STEM Related Links

Resources related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM Related Books in the Library

STEM Related Links

STEM to STEAM - STEM and the arts

The STEAM Journal - The STEAM Journal, a trans-disciplinary, international, theory-practice, peer-reviewed, academic, open access, online journal has a focus on the intersection of the sciences and the arts. The STEAM Journal integrates perspectives from a variety of contexts and fields.

EDHeads - EDHeads is an online educational resource that provides science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking.

Expeditions and Discoveries - The fourth in a series of online collections from Harvard University, Expeditions and Discoveries delivers maps, photographs, and published materials, as well as field notes, letters, and a unique range of manuscript materials on selected expeditions between 1626 and 1953. The collection is made possible with the generous support of the Arcadia Fund. 

Exploratorium - The Exploratorium isn't just a museum; it's an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perception — a vast collection of on-line experiences that feed your curiosity.

NOVA - This Lab investigates what energy is, how it can be converted into useful forms, and why some sources are running low. - searches over 60 databases and over 2200 selected websites from 15 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results.

Rossier Online - A guide by USC that provides selected articles on Maker Education and Makerspaces for educators. 


STEM Related Database

Web of Science (Science Citation Index) provides quick, powerful access to the bibliographic and citation information to 8,500 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals across 150 disciplines.